(Parameria barbata Schum)

Latin : Parameria barbata Schum = Baissea acuminata Berth
Indonesia : Kayu rapat / kayu rapet
English :

No other country in the world is as rich in herbs that are beneficial to humans as is Indonesia. Brazil, with its Amazon basin, may have more to offer in poisons, but Indonesia is unrivaled for healing herbs. And this has been recognized over centuries not just by the medical community, but the business community as well. After all, Indonesian culinary herbs is what made the Netherlands one of the richest nations in Europe. And Indonesia has long been known as the "spice islands".

Well, the archipelago could also be categorized as the "aphrodisiac islands". Just as more than half the flavors we add to our food has its origins in the part or the world that today is referred to as Indonesia, most sexually-relevant herbals, too, come from here. Among them are: tongkat ali, kacip fatimah, andů kayu rapat.

"Kayu" is the Indonesian word for "wood", and "rapat" means "tight". The common Indonesian name of this herbs refers to its wide use by women, especially after childbirth. (Please note: in Indonesia, females, at the time the name of this plant was coined, constantly gave birth from an age of about 14, which means that all women qualified for the "after giving birth" indication.) Kayu rapat is used to tighten a women's vagina, for the primary purpose to afford her husband (or whoever the lucky guy may be) the ultimate sexual pleasure.

All parts of the plant are used, orally as well as topically. However, the bark of this small tree is considered the most effective part of the plant, especially when consumed as a tea. However, in Malaysia, where the plant is meanwhile very rare, many women resorted to the leaves (which can be harvested without destroying the tree). In Malaysia, the leaves are accordingly referred to as "daun serapat", "tightness leaves".

Wilayah :
Tanaman ini banyak tumbuh liar di hutan dan tempat lain yang bertanah tandus dan cukup mendapatkan sinar matahari.

Uraian Tanaman :
Tumbuhan yang termasuk tumbuhan membelit. Besar batangnya kira-kira seibu jari tangan. Kulit batangnya berwarna putih dan terbelah-belah.

Kandungan Kimia :
Tumbuhan ini banyak mengandung zat getah perca dan zat kautsyuk

Kegunaan :
1. Rapatkan rahim sehabis melahirkan (kulit dan kayunya)
2. Disentri
3. Luka-luka
4. Koreng